Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Restaurants, bars, each other’s houses. - Nov 2023

There are Whatsapp and Facebook groups to join. The Embassy puts on lots of teas, happy hours, cooking classes, etc. - Jan 2023

Again, Covid has made this hard (18 months of the 24 we've been here so far). I mostly hang out with the parents of my kids' friends. - Nov 2021

There are bars, restaurants, museums and other cultural events available for socializing. There are several Facebook groups and expat groups that are active in Ankara. In addition, the embassy’s CLO is extremely active. - Sep 2020

Around whom you lived and to what school your kids went seemed to be the most important factors in determining your social groups. Turkey has so much going on that you really don't need to look very far to find something of interest to attend or visit. The Embassy has its own travel agency, which is well-experienced generating day trips or weekend excursions around Turkey. - Oct 2018

Parties at the Canadian and UK Embassies. Most socializing is at home, or in a Turkish restaurant. English language cinema exists. - Oct 2018

There are bars, clubs, parks, restaurants, house parties, shopping malls, movie theaters, arcades, etc. - Sep 2018

As we are in compound living, it is very difficult to meet regular locals. Also, the locals that work in the mission do not regularly interact with Americans. I joined Internations and really enjoyed meeting expats from other countries. - Jul 2018

Lots of bars and music for night life, places to go out for dinner and house parties. There's a great scuba club that does weekend trips. You can pretty much find anything you're interested in here. - Sep 2017

There are a few expat bands and choirs for the musically inclined, numerous sports clubs, bars, restaurants, just about anything that you can imagine. - Jun 2017

I've met a ton of friends through my kids schools and embassy events. There are a ton of clubs and events. Just need to seek them ut. - Sep 2016

Plenty of CLO events if interested otherwise the community is large enough to find your kind of people and socialize with them - Jun 2016

Dinners at people's homes - Aug 2015

Dinners or get-togethers at friends' homes; restaurants, parks. - Apr 2015

Going to the movies, going for hikes, getting together with friends (usually within the same housing area due to traffic) going out for dinner or tea, shopping, exploring - Feb 2015

Bars, restaurants, movies, a nice lake, a couple of parks, the historical area with the castle ruins and old shops where you can buy copper, carpets, etc. - Jun 2014

Many, from movies, concerts, opera, etc. - Apr 2014

Entertaining, hiking, learning the language, conversation groups, volunteering, art classes, helping at the schools. It is what you make it. - Mar 2014

Dining out, movies, travel. - Mar 2014

Most people find good friends here among the expat community. We get so little support from the Embassy, that we must support each other. What is the saying, misery loves company? - Jul 2013

Decent restaurants. - Aug 2011

It's what you make of it. - Jul 2010

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