Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Yes, very much so. - Nov 2023

There are all of the above and all are safe and affordable. - Jan 2023

Yes, all are fine to use and fairly cheap. Most people use taxis in Ankara if not driving as it's more direct, but you can use buses if you want. We haven't done trains to another city, but friends have. - Nov 2021

All public transportation is extremely affordable and generally safe. Unlike Istanbul, taxi drivers are so honest here that they often under charge when they can’t make change. Taxis are so cheap (US $3 to the embassy from home), that we’ve never tried public transit, though others commute that way daily. - Sep 2020

We used public transportation without issue. There are two bus companies augmented by passenger vans (dolmuÅŸ) that you flag down along specific routes. Each bus company has its own user/fare card. You pay the dolmuÅŸ driver under 1 USD to run all or part of the route. Regular yellow taxis are also everywhere, run off meter, and were very affordable. They were also very honest, providing change essentially to the penny as a matter of routine. Tipping, while appreciated, is still not widely practiced to Western levels in Turkey. - Oct 2018

Buses and minibuses exist, but taxi is the easiest method of transport. Cheap and easy to flag down a taxi on the street, but they speak no English at all, so this is no use if you cannot speak Turkish. Taxi drivers are mostly honest; I felt I was cheated only twice in 2 years. - Oct 2018

Yes. Metro is not that widespread, but taxis, buses and vans that work like buses called dolmuses are easy to use and cheap. - Sep 2018

We don't use public transportation, but it appears to be available and inexpensive. As we live in the suburbs, we have to drive everywhere. - Jul 2018

Taxis are cheap here. About $10-12 from Oran to the Embassy and back. Cabs drive aggressively (like everyone else here), but it's better than driving in the Gulf. - Oct 2017

Yes, however mass transit systems have been the target for terrorism in the past. Post recommends not using these during peak times. Taxis are recommended and very reasonable. Istanbul has an issue with a taxi scam. The 5 and 50 TL notes look very similar. If you attempt to pay with a 50 the driver says it's not enough and says you gave them a 5. This hasn't been an issue in Ankara and post recommends using smaller bills. Taxi rides usually cost around 20 TL or less to most places. - Sep 2017

Yes, I usually use taxis as they are very affordable. - Jun 2017

Yes. - Sep 2016

Yes, plenty of cabs and buses available. - Jun 2016

Plenty of people use the buses and dolmush (route minivans). Taxis are clearly marked, with fares posted. Prices continue to rise in taxis but not exorbitantly so. - Aug 2015

Buses, trains and taxis are generally safe and affordable. I avoid the "dolmis", small buses where you hear of more problems. - Apr 2015

Safe and affordable. Not cheap though, so if you are use to paying only a few dollars to go across town, taxis here are not for you. The average cost for a trip somewhere is about US$15-30. If you don't know where you are going or parking, taxis are helpful. Buses are very reasonable and easy to take. Trains as well, and they are putting in more routes between cities which would be a very easy way to go. - Feb 2015

Taxis are safe and affordable and readily available. Ankara has a system of "taxi call buttons" on just about every street and corner. You can literally walk out of your house or a restaurant, if a taxi is not around you then walk a few steps to a taxi call button, press the button and wait a few minutes, if even that long. A new express train between Ankara and Istanbul is scheduled to open in mid-2014. The trip is expected to take about 3 1/2 hours. There really is no other city to city train travel in Turkey. - Jun 2014

Yes, cheap but not all that safe. Drivers are maniacs! - Apr 2014

Yes, the best and cheapest way to get around and much easier than driving and parking. Safe anytime of the day or night. Chivalry is not dead here. If you are a woman, someone will usually always offer you a seat. - Mar 2014

Affordable - yes. Safe - no. - Mar 2014

Train service in Turkey is very limited. Buses and dolmishes are plentyful and safe (other than the crazy driving). Taxis are also plentiful. They are moderately priced. Not so exorbitant that you can't use them, but not super cheap either. Buses and Dolmishes are fairly cheap, but their set routes do not cover as much of the city as other major European capitals. For example, you generally can't go form Oran to GOP without going downtown to Kizilay and changing a bus/dolmish. - Jul 2013

Yes. - Aug 2011

Yes. - Jul 2010

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