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Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes, and yes. Most folks get a local bank account too which helps with paying bills and other things when international cards don’t work. - Nov 2023

Credit cards are widely accepted and safe to use. ATMs are common and seem safe to use. We also have a Turkish bank card which makes it easy to have Lira on hand. - Jan 2023

People use credit cards a lot. Some places struggle with foreign cards, so many expats get at least a local debit card. Cash is also common and sometimes you can get discounts for cash. ATMs are easily accessible and fine to use. - Nov 2021

Credit cards are widely used, though primarily are chip and pin based. Ankara is also very much a cash culture and you can often get a discount on most things if you offer to pay cash vs credit. Would definitely recommend getting a local bank card. ATMs are widely available and safe, but are bank specific and charge significant fees for non-bank users. As such, we tend to seek out our specific bank to withdraw funds. Turkish online shopping generally requires a Turkish Bank Card. - Sep 2020

We used cash in most cases, but used credit cards for larger purchases (e.g. doctors' bills) on the local economy and at the commissary. ATMs are everywhere, and were used by most to access funds from their local bank account established after arrival to pay bills and receive quarterly VAT refunds. - Oct 2018

Credit cards and ATMs all of western standard. - Oct 2018

Yes, most places have little machines they bring to your table. ATMs are generally safe here. Very little crime. - Sep 2018

No, I have not been able to use my USAA credit card to purchase food from delivery companies. I always plan accordingly by having cash on hand which is very inconvenient. Why let me order through an app if I can't pay through the app? It is frustrating for both me and the delivery guy at my door. - Jul 2018

Yes. ATMs are fine, but most folks cash checks at the embassy for cash. - Oct 2017

They are safe and widely accepted, however, only a few banks accept American cards. You need to specify at the register which bank to run your card with. No one explained this to me when I got here and it caused a lot of confusion. Tell the teller to run your card with "Yapi Kredi." - Sep 2017

Credit cards are widely accepted, however you need to specify which bank needs to run them. YapiKredi accepts US cards so I always tell the cashier to run the card with them whenever there is a problem.

No issues with any ATMs and there is one at the Embassy. Use the same precautions you would in the US or Europe. - Jun 2017

Credit cards are safe to use and widely accepted. ATMs are also common. - Sep 2016

Yes, no problem using them. - Jun 2016

We got a local bank and bank card for transactions in Turkey. Credit cards and ATMs use the chipped system and so a call back to the for each transaction can result in dropped calls and double-transactions. We only had this happen once in three years using an ATM. Larger chains like H&M or Marks and Spencer have the wherewithal to make these transactions with foreign cards, just let them know you're using a foreign card at the time. - Aug 2015

Safe and easy. But it helps to have a bank card from a Turkish bank, because not all places accept international/foreign cards. - Apr 2015

As with anywhere, be vigilant. They are available at every mall and on the streets at the many, many banks here. Scams can happen. We use the ones at the Embassy and base mostly, but have not had an issue using from other locations. - Feb 2015

I use my credit card often, but at some places it's not accepted because it does not have a "chip". Local ATMs are fine. - Jun 2014

Safe so far. - Apr 2014

ATMs are everywhere and some banks do not charge transaction fees. - Mar 2014

Can be used everywhere. - Mar 2014

Generally credit card use is safe here. Take the normal precautions you would take in the U.S. and you will be fine. - Jul 2013

ATMs are plentiful and safe to use. - Aug 2011

ATMs are everywhere. - Jul 2010

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