Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Extraordinary fruits and vegetables, easily accessible and this is one area where Ankara excels, even beyond the rest of Turkey, because of its close vicinity to villages that still are very agriculture-heavy. A small Air Force base also means there is a U.S. commissary and BX for American goods, as well as alcohol, at very competitive prices. - Nov 2023

Recently, the price of groceries has gone up to almost American prices. It depends on what you are buying. Imported foods are obviously going to be higher. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are reasonably priced. You can find equivalent "American" items like baking products and household supplies at the local markets. Turkish wine prices vary, but you can get a decent bottle for around $10. The big grocery store here is Migros and their fancier company store called Macro Center. There is a decently-sized commissary and exchange on the military base near the DOD school that is well-stocked with lots of American goodies. - Jan 2023

Lots of grocery options. Migros is a large grocery chain with a huge selection. Macro Center focuses on imported food and has a lot of international options. Metro is like a Costco and sells things in bulk. There are also many smaller grocery stores and those with US Base access have a commissary and BX that is pretty well-stocked. If you stick with local items the prices are very cheap. There are organic and natural options too. Imports are a bit pricier than in the US. - Nov 2021

Groceries are unbelievably fresh and extremely affordable. Same with most household supplies. Imported goods will be more expensive, some at or exceeding US prices. A small commissary is located at a nearby base and offers a variety of American and imported goods for affordable prices. Groceries/supplies will be on average 30-50% cheaper than in DC. - Sep 2020

The Embassy community is granted access to the facilities on the Balgat AFB, to include its commissary and BX. We generally did our comprehensive weekly grocery shopping at that American supermarket (U.S. products at U.S. prices), augmenting in particular our produce purchases through the Turkish supermarket chain Kipa at the Panora mall or at the Thursday farmers market in a neighborhood near Park Oran. - Oct 2018

Local food products (fruit and vegetables, cheeses, olives, bread, cakes) are ridiculously cheap, due to the fall in the Turkish Lira. Ditto household goods made in Turkey, to include glassware, ceramics, etc. All very good and very cheap. Anything imported (e.g. foreign cheeses, appliances, clothes) is insanely expensive due to the exchange rate. Alcohol is extremely expensive, especially spirits. Local beer is a reasonable price, and some local beers (Karakuzu, Bomonti) are drinkable. For some bizarre reason, fresh cream is not available in Turkey; they only have gross long-life UHT cream. - Oct 2018

Availability is great. Between the local markets, local grocery stores like Macro, Metro, and Kipa, as well as the commissary, you can get everything you need. Pork products are not widely sold except at the commissary. What you cannot get through these means you can usually order through DPO. However, a new rule has been put in place and we are no longer allowed to ship liquids via DPO (this rule is specific to DPOs in Turkey). - Sep 2018

You can find everything here between the commissary, the local economy, and the DPO. - Jul 2018

Turkey is inexpensive. Lots of fresh produce is grown here, and supermarkets have lots of fresh veggies and fruits almost year round. - Oct 2017

Everything that you could want is available in one way or another. Local markets carry Turkish and European brands and they are very good and a lot cheaper than you would find in the US. Produce is very high quality but certain things are only available seasonally. I never had fresh figs until coming to turkey and they are now one of my favorite fruits.

Embassy personnel have commissary access at a small military base here in Ankara. Anything that you cannot find on the local market is available there, however, everything is at a higher price than you'd find in the US. I usually purchase dog food, toiletries and meat there. Meat is available locally but they have different cuts that I am not used to. - Sep 2017

The cost of groceries is extremely cheap. With the recent decline of the Turkish lira things are very affordable. Local produce is very good and widely available. Anything from the states that you must have can be purchased at the local military base. Prices there are a little higher than the US though and much higher than the local market. - Jun 2017

This is the best place for groceries we've ever been. You can get everything and reasonably priced. The American Commissary and BX has a great selection of U.S. products (and wine!) while the local groceries and markets are stocked with amazing produce and local meats, cheeses, breads, etc. Eating and cooking here is a dream. - Sep 2016

For American style groceries there is a small commissary.

For the rest, Turkey has excellent meat and produce and prices are very reasonable. - Jun 2016

There is a DECA Commissary on the American Support Facility, and a BX, which has ridiculously well-priced food. Kipa, Migros, and many other chains are located in all of the neighborhoods as are the fruit and vegetable markets. Costs are very reasonable. - Aug 2015

Similar to in the U.S. Fresh fruits and vegetables are plentiful, and you can shop in western-style grocery stores or local farm-to-market bazaars. You can find just about anything on the local market. There are Target-type stores, Home Depot-type stores, and stores that resemble Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn. There is even an actual IKEA! - Apr 2015

Local is cheap - fruits and veggies are quite low priced and very tasty. (easily found: tomatoes, peppers, onion, eggplant, potatoes, lemons, melons, pomegranates, oranges) If you are with the U.S. Embassy or military you will have access to the base where you can get really anything you might want/need/want from home at a very low cost. Local household supplies are a bit more expensive, but available, with lots of choices. I even found tobacco scented air freshener. - Feb 2015

You can buy just about anything here. Fresh veggies and fruits are plentiful and reasonably priced at local bazaars, and local supermarkets carry just about anything. You may not find a familiar American brand but you'll find what you need. Americans have access to the military commissary and BX for American-goods including electronics and alcohol. - Jun 2014

Widely available, cheap. - Apr 2014

Cheap, cheap if you can shop on base. It's cheaper than in the States in the local markets and much cheaper and better produce than you can find in a famers market in the States. - Mar 2014

All readily available. - Mar 2014

Costs of fruit and vegetables are lower than in the DC metro area, but meats (chicken, beef, lamb, and fish) are more expensive. Non food groceries are usually more expensive on the economy. Pork is astronomical on the local economy at international grocery stores like Metro. Everything is much cheaper on the base, but the commissary is small and its selection is limited. That said, I rarely shop off base, because they are that much cheaper. - Jul 2013

If you have access to it, the commissary is a great resource. On the local market, fruits and veggies are cheap, while beef, chicken, and lamb can be a bit more expensive than in the States. - Aug 2011

In the local market the groceries are adequate. Great produce. But all embassy personnel have access to the military base, which is a 10-minute drive from the embassy. The base has a good-size BX and commissary where you can get all your American products. - Jul 2010

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