Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes, compared to a city in the US, though it is getting better. No compared to less modern places in the Middle East. The infrastructure isn’t really there yet, but people are helpful and work to make up for it. - Nov 2023

Our apartment has wheelchair accessible sidewalks and ramps to the apartments, but getting around anywhere else in the city would be difficult. - Jan 2023

Yes, the buildings are not very disability friendly, particularly for wheelchairs. For example, our buildings have ramps going up to the main door. But the main doors are very heavy and not automatic. And you have to get through two of them. A bit easier if you go through the parking garage as the basement doors are automatic. But the road down to the garages can be quite steep depending on which building. Buildings do have elevators as do the malls. Sidewalks are not stellar and parking is not easy around town. - Nov 2021

Thus would be an extremely challenging city for someone with a physical disability, as the sidewalks are narrow, slippery, and uneven and Ankara is build on San Francisco style hills. We can’t even use a baby stroller here. - Sep 2020

Ankara is quite hilly, with steep inclines throughout. It would be difficult to manage without assistance. Some sidewalks, however, had lanes with raised grooves that, I was told, allowed the vision impaired to more easily follow the path of the sidewalk by walking on those grooves. A few modern buildings have automatic front doors which open upon approach, although these appeared more aesthetic than purposeful to assist the disabled. Most malls, for example, have revolving doors as their main entrance/egress points. - Oct 2018

Huge problems. There are no sidewalks, stairs and curbs everywhere, and the city is incredibly hilly. - Oct 2018

Yes, there are many places with no elevators or ramps. - Sep 2018

Yes, they do not have proper sidewalks and there is no elevator at the embassy. I was injured and realized very quickly that getting from office to office required going up and down a lot of stairs. - Jul 2018

Ankara is a very hilly city. The streets aren't as steep as Istanbul but they are easily as steep as San Fransisco. There is no flat in Ankara, it's all either up or down. They try to make things easier with ramps for the sidewalks and textured walkways for the blind but it wouldn't be easy. - Sep 2017

Depends on the disability. Ankara isn't quite at steep as Istanbul, but there is very little flat ground in the city. They have given lip service to putting in access for the disabled but most of it isn't very functional. - Jun 2017

There would definitely be challenges for someone with a physical disability. I use a stroller alot and have trouble with the uneven sidewalks. - Sep 2016

The hills, cobblestones and lack of ramps would make it extremely challenging, but it is changing. - Aug 2015

Yes. It is very hilly and not a lot of wheelchair accessible ramps on the sidewalks. - Jun 2015

Yes. Ankara is a city of hills, so there are lots of ups and downs. The sidewalks are good in some places, not so good in other places. There are very few wheelchair ramps, and I've been in numerous multi-story buildings that do not have elevators or escalators. - Apr 2015

Yes. There are some accommodations such as blind guide paths along main routes and bus stops, but sidewalks are often broken or blocked. Awkward stairs and paths exist everywhere. There are many elevators, and some places have parking garages, but the connection for usage isn't the smoothest. I think someone with physical disabilities would find movement here to be limited to a few areas. I must say, though, that this is the only country I've been in where I saw a man get out of his car at an intersection and go out to help an elderly lady struggling to cross a busy road, clearing a path for her, before he got back in his car and pushed through the intersection himself. - Feb 2015

It's not very disabled-friendly here, so it might be challenging. - Jun 2014

Yes. The city is hilly, ramps are few and badly constructed. - Apr 2014

The city tries to be accessible but they just haven't gotten the knack yet. - Mar 2014

I would not recommend Ankara for people with disabilities. - Mar 2014

Ankara is like San Francisco, very hilly The sidewalks are mostly broken and handicap accessible buildings and public transportation do not exist here. - Jul 2013

Very difficult. Ankara is a hilly city with uneven sidewalk pavement. - Aug 2011

A lot. Ankara does not seem to be a handicap-friendly city. There are a lot of deep cracks in the sidewalks and not too many ramps. - Jul 2010

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