Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

How bad the pollution really was. How bad the traffic really was. What -40 really feels like. - Jan 2024

The winter is very bearable as long as you get warm clothing, good boots, and avoid long walks. Most building in Ulaanbaatar are overheated and its easy to get warm. Don't let the winter scare you off this amazing country! - Aug 2022

Mongolia is more than Genghis Khan, it has a vibrant young civil society. Lots of exciting work going on here. - Jan 2022

How expensive it is to travel to other areas in Asia. COVID has certainly limited that, but even before it was not cheap to do. Mongolia is a big country far from everything so be prepared for that. - Sep 2020

Warm socks. What you are planning on bringing is not enough... - Aug 2020

I can't say I didn't know about the pollution ahead of time but I didn't realize that it penetrates every aspect of your life in the winter (it's in your hair, your clothes) you simply cannot prepare for it and you can't escape it unless you leave the city. - Oct 2016

How bad the International School would be. - Feb 2015

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