Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Pickpocketing is about the only thing to worry about here. Otherwise, it’s a safe city in terms of security. - Jan 2024

Generally a very safe city, however alcohol is a problem in Mongolia and it can lead to aggressive confrontations. Crossing the street is quite hazardous as cars don't stop and sometimes ice will prevent them from doing so. Streets and sidewalks are very slippery. - Jan 2022

Mongolia is a fighting culture. Usually there aren't issues, but if you are out late at night and wrong someone, you may get punched in the face. This is especially true for American men dating, or appearing to date, Mongolian women. More often than not it would just be verbal berating, but getting punched is not an uncommon occurance. Pickpocketing also happens regularly. Big city rules, don't walk alone at night, keep your eyes up and belongings in your front pocket and you should be fine. - Sep 2020

There is crime late at night when people have been drinking. Mainly fistfights and petty theft. - Aug 2020

Pick pocketing is the biggest crime in the city. - Jul 2019

During spring (and around holidays), there is an increase of drunk people (mostly men) who like to harass foreigners on the street. I have had a few instances of this, but never felt threatened or uncomfortable. It's just normal big city stuff. The biggest problem here is crossing the street without getting hit as well as avoiding petty theft. - Oct 2016

Mongolia as a whole is a pretty peaceful place, and crime is very mild by developing country standards. I've yet to hear of a carjacking, for example. There are some scams like pickpocketing of phones, and then asking for a reward to get it back. Violence against foreigners seems to be closely correlated with drunks at night, so - knowing these factors - one can manage risk. I walk pretty much everywhere in UB and the biggest danger are the undisciplined drivers. I'd say that the biggest security concern comes with travel outside UB and not being prepared, given the long distances and extreme weather - go well prepared (with plenty of water) and preferably a satellite phone. People in the countryside are extraordinarily helpful if you do get lost, but one can drive for hours without seeing a soul! - Feb 2015

There is a significant element of xenophobia here. Random foreigners get punched walking on the sidewalks. Pickpockets are common and present at crowded markets and stores. - May 2012

None. - Feb 2012

Yes. Mongolia is landlocked between China and Russia. Enough said. Aside from that, Mongolia is fortunate to have a relatively stable political climate. - Feb 2011

Pickpockets and traffic accidents. Hostility toward Chinese. Rampant inflation and high unemployment have increased the rates of robbery. - Jan 2009

Pick pockets, drunks, small gangs of hooligans at night. - Oct 2008

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