Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Getting outside of the city and driving around on the steppe. We did a multi-day dog sledding excursion and that was amazing. - Jan 2024

Overnight dog-sledding trip in Terelj National Park. Attending Naadam both in Ulaanbaatar and Nalaikh (small city outside of Ulaanbaatar). Visiting the lower Gobi Desert (Eagle Valley, Flaming Cliffs, Singing dunes, and visiting nomadic herders). - Aug 2022

Stunning beauty, friendly people, interesting culture and such a contrasting society to its two neighbors. Trips to the Gobi. - Jan 2022

Seeing the wild horses, camping in the middle of nowhere, hiking, riding camels, staying in gers, anything that gets you out of the city is amazing! - Sep 2020

So many. Exploring the Gobi, the massive Khovsgol lake, endless open spaces with no towns or fences. Actually it is probably the people. Some of the nicest around, and a fascinating history and rich culture. - Aug 2020

Amazing, beautiful countryside and landscape esp. in Gobi (looking for dinosaur fossils) and the West (don't miss the annual Kazakh/Mongolian eagle hunter festival). - Oct 2016

Travelling to some truly spectacular places around the country, incredible monasteries, landscapes in one of the world's last nomadic societies. - Feb 2015

Staying in a ger (yurt) at a farmstay run by a Mongolian herder. Long horseback rides across the beautiful step. Meeting the wide cast of characters that are the Mongolian people. They are unique among the Asians. - May 2012

Very open people to all cultures. - Feb 2012

Learning about a new culture and new traditions. - Feb 2011

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