What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Well, it's not a stunningly beautiful city and it has its share of problems (traffic, pollution) but you are in Mongolia! - Oct 2016

Touring for sure - Mongolia is really unique, with a fascinating culture, history and amazing diversity of landscapes (forest, desert, mountains, steppe) plus flora and fauna. - Feb 2015

This is a great place for folks who like to be outdoors. Some of the many things to do include horseback riding, camping, hiking, and climbing. Touring, eating, and camping are cheap if you do it Mongolian style which means somewhat basic and rough. The countryside is absolutely stunning and there are endless places to explore. - May 2012

Culture. - Feb 2012

Mongolia is heaven for people who like the great outdoors. This country is steeped in history, including finding dinosaur bones in the Gobi Desert. - Feb 2011

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