Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Not really. You won't see any rainbow flags flying here. The US embassy sponsored a pride week in August and had a fantastic turnout but it’s still not something that’s widely accepted. - Jan 2024

Generally yes. There is a growing LGBT scene, with one NGO working on advocacy and visibility. It's still a fairly traditional society, but younger Mongolians, especially those with an outward focus, are more accepting. - Jan 2022

It's better than many, not as good as some. I have never seen or heard of any open discrimination and there was recently a pride event. - Sep 2020

Yes. There is a supportive, welcoming urban community, and, in my opinion, discrimination is real but improving. - Aug 2020

Should be fine I would think. - Feb 2015

Unknown but there are no overt signs of gay friendliness. - May 2012

No, not at all. During the days when Russia controlled Mongolia, homosexuals were literally sent to Siberia. - Feb 2011

No. I am one of two people at the Embassy who are gay or lesbian. Mongolians do not think kindly (understatement) about homosexuality; the most educated Mongolian will keep their face still and tell you that it is a private matter not to be discussed. There appear to be more gay men than lesbian women in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolian women, especially those younger than 45, exhibit stylized hetersexual behaviour, especially in fashion. The traditional culture is very, very gendered. - Jan 2009

it"s a OK city for that. - Oct 2008

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