What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

I'm glad for the spaghetti sauce because the local type is like the European sauce not the American sauce. Peanut butter and juices were nice to have on hand. - Jul 2019

Liquids (olive oil, maple syrup, honey) and baking supplies which can easily be shipped in your consumables. - Oct 2016

Good quality cotton-only bed linen. A football/foosball table for the long winters. Good quality cat litter. Muesli. - Feb 2015

Spare auto tires. Snow skis. A mountain bike. - May 2012

Food. - Feb 2012

Junk food (Doritos, Oreos, cereal, etc.) and salsa. But eat them fast. Since it's so dry here, everything rots super fast. - Feb 2011

Good coffee beans. Dried fruits. Dried beans. High-quality flour and corn meal. Nuts, salted and not. - Jan 2009

Oreo Cookies. - Oct 2008

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