How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Use the Embassy pouch. It goes out once a week. Incoming mail comes twice a week and is generally reliable. - Jul 2019

Embassy is pouch only (DPO to Hong Kong, then pouch to UB) so keep that in mind when you are doing your consumables shopping.

Some have sent postcards through the Mongolian mail and they arrived in the US after a few weeks of travel. - Oct 2016

By pouch and also with the regular post, using a PO Box. Mongolian post has always been very reliable, including shipment of parcels/packages, although it's slow (3 weeks or so from Europe or North America). Items ordered from retailers like Brooks Brothers come by DHL/FedEx in 5 days or so. I enjoy sending letters by Mongolian post as they have some really beautiful stamps. - Feb 2015

We use the embassy mail. - May 2012

Pouch. - Feb 2012

I use the diplomatic pouch through the embassy. USPS mail takes so long that I've canceled my Netflix subscription. It takes at least one month for mail delivery to-and-from the States. The time lengthens during inclement weather or when flights from Hong Kong are delayed. - Feb 2011

Right now, the Embassy has an FPO address. - Jan 2009

Central Post Office, at your own risk. - Oct 2008

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