Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Many activities through the school. Dance, karate, horseback riding, hiking, etc. - Sep 2020

Yes, many options. - Aug 2020

It is difficult to find activities for kids such as music lessons or gymnastics. - Jul 2019

Children grade 1 and up can choose from a number of after-school activities at ISU. Local classes outside of that for sports are hard to find and often have inflexible schedules; that said, one of the Mongolian Moms organized soccer lessons at Star apartments with a (semi)-professional player and a new ballet school opened up across the street. Things are always changing here. - Oct 2016

Yes, but not that organised as in many other countries, and a great deal of detective work and follow-up would be needed. Information management and marketing is not a Mongolian forte. Horse-riding comes to mind. - Feb 2015

ISU has a good after-school program. There are many commercial after-school programs, but some will require Mongolian language. - May 2012

Mongolia does not have officially recognized sports clubs for kids. Horseback riding, archery and other activities, are popular outdoor activities for all ages. As with most countries outside of the U.S., soccer (the white, round ball and not the brown, oblong ball) is huge here. - Feb 2011

Football (soccer), basketball. - Jan 2009

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