Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Extremely cold and dry. It does rain/snow but not a lot. That said, there was major flooding last summer to the extent that a few US/expat families were displaced for several weeks at Star apartments. Summers are very pleasant but very short. - Jan 2024

The summer has beautiful weather (80F) with regular short thunder storms. The winter can be very cold (-40F) and only snows a few times a year. - Aug 2022

Very dry year round. Extremely cold, but dry, winters. Beautiful, comfortable summers. Falls and Springs are short, but comfortable with the correct gear. - Jan 2022

Again, extremely cold. It can also get suprisingly warm in the summer. The summer/spring/fall is beautiful. If you can survive the cold winter the rest of the year makes up for it. As long as you layer up and dress appropriately, the winter is manageable. - Sep 2020

Dry, cold, continental. - Aug 2020

It is really dry here, your skin will soak up lotion all year long. - Jul 2019

Oh, it's cold alright! UB is one of the (if not the) coldest capital cities in the world and with good reason. That said, the summer and fall are beautiful! It's also a very dry climate all year round so make sure to drink plenty of water and hydrate your skin. - Oct 2016

Very cold winters - UB holds the proud accolade of the world's coldest capital. However, with good clothing it's perfectly manageable. Summers are pleasant and quite hot. Spring can only be described as moody, with massive swings in pressure, temperature and precipitation in a matter of hours. - Feb 2015

Spring and fall are beautiful but variable. There is snow, but not much sticks. We have not experienced a summer yet. Winter is absolutely brutal. We had a mild winter in 2012 and it reached -35 F/C regularly in January. Makes for great skiing since it never warms up enough in the winter to create icy patches like in Colorado. - May 2012

Almost no crime, coldest capital in the world. - Feb 2012

From October through April, temperatures remain below zero Fahrenheit, and relative humidity is quite low (18% - 30%). It's very dry here. You'll need plenty of lip balm and body lotion. Ulaanbaatar has the dubious honor of being the world's coldest capital. - Feb 2011

It is very cold and dry during the winter (November through May). The summers are warm. Rain occurs during the summer, and the amount varies a lot. The spring is windy, dirty, and brown. - Jan 2009

Winter lasts 6 months here, coldest time is January to March, temp can get -40F at nights. Summer can be very hot. Air is very dry all year round. - Oct 2008


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