Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

I think it depends on the person but it's not especially formal at work or in public places. There are various “balls” throughout the year and some wear formal dress and I’ve seen some in tshirts at these things. Men will want to have a suit or two on hand for events. - Jan 2024

Business casual is the typical dress code at the U.S. Embassy. However, suites are required for some events or external meetings. - Aug 2022

During winter, you just dress to stay warm and business casual is fine at the Embassy. Outside events are suit and tie or black tie for some events. - Jan 2022

Business casual, formal for meetings. - Sep 2020

Business formal. The Mongolian community dress to impress. - Aug 2020

Formal dress for the Marine Ball, nice dresses for embassy functions, and normal dress for every day in the city. - Jul 2019

Mongolian women like to dress up to most events (often short skirts, even in the dead of winter). The colorful and beautiful Mongolian national dresses are popular on Mongolian holidays. - Oct 2016

Certainly quite formal and Mongolians do dress up, especially on national holidays and ceremonial occasions. This is a place where dressing down is generally not admired, even very remote regions. Scruffy appearances are a no-no. - Feb 2015

Business suits for men and fashionable dress for women. - May 2012

Formal at work, casual in public. - Feb 2012

It's business casual at the embassy; men in dress slacks and dress shirts and ties. The dress code is a bit more lax for women. During the summer, the local women often dress like prostitutes, inside and outside of the embassy. Stiletto heels are worn throughout the year. I still don't know how women can gracefully walk on the even sidewalks without tripping. Maybe those women are born wearing stilettos? - Feb 2011

Business dress at work. Casual in public. Mongolians, especially the women, are very sharp dressers. Expect to see stilettos all winter, no matter how deep the ice. - Jan 2009

Business casual. - Oct 2008

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