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What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

A good number of EFMs work at the US embassy full and part time. - Jan 2024

U.S. Embassy/Ulaanbaatar currently has 5 full-time EFM positions and 6 part-time EFM positions (EPAP HR Associate, RSO OMS, RSO Investigative Assistant, GSO Assistant, 2 CLO Coordinators, 2 Security Escorts, and 3 Consular Assistants). Depending on the interest of the EFM community, Human Resources is willing to change positions between full-time and part-time as needed. The availability of EFM positions vary based on the year. During my first year, there were many EFMs applying for each opening and not enough positions for all the EFMs who wanted to work. However, right now we have more positions than EFMs who are interested in filling them. So, it will depending on the timing and if other EFMs want to work! As many of the positions are relatively low level, the U.S. Embassy has been talking about creating more professional opportunities by requesting additional EPAP positions or CA-AEFM positions. However, as of today, these efforts have not been able to move forward. I'm hopeful that with the current leadership, it will be able to move forward soon! At this time, at least 3 EFMs work outside the Embassy with companies in the United States. In the past, many EFMs have worked on the local economy as English teachers. I think there would be other opportunities to work on the local economy, but you may need Mongolian language abilities. - Aug 2022

Many work at the embassy and some telework. I don't think it's possible to work locally. - Jan 2022

Work at the Embassy, teach English, teach yoga. Not a ton of opportunities for spouses since the Embassy is small. - Sep 2020

Either a job at the embassy or teaching, few other opportunities. - Aug 2020

There are only a few EFM jobs at the Embassy. They are both full and part-time. - Jul 2019

There are some EFM jobs at the embassy. I work on the local economy in higher education and consulting. Local rates are definitely not what they are back home but there is a chance to make a difference in an emerging country and economy. - Oct 2016

Very limited at present, although the labour market does tend to depend largely on the state of the dominant mining sector, which currently finds itself in a severe downturn. - Feb 2015

Unknown. - May 2012

No. - Feb 2012

Not really. Outside of working at the U.S. Embassy, jobs aren't plentiful. Speaking Mongolian is a requirement when finding work outside the embassy. A few spouses are tutors in English, Japanese or Chinese. Local wages are meager when compared to U.S. wages. - Feb 2011

Very, very few. - Jan 2009

Maybe with ISU, NGOs and mining companies. - Oct 2008


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