Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

Non-denominational Christian, LDS, Catholic. - Jan 2024

I think LDS and Catholic services at least. - Jan 2022

The Morman church has a pretty large presence here. - Sep 2020

There are several English options. - Aug 2020

There are a handful of churches with English services: LDS, Christian, etc. - Jul 2019

Several Christian denominations. - Feb 2015

Yes. - Feb 2012

Buddhism is the main religion in Mongolia. I don't know of any English-language religious services available. Mormons, Christians, Catholics all practice in Mongolia. There are no temples or mosques that I'm aware of. - Feb 2011

There is an RC church as well as a non-denominational Protestant one. There is also a large LDS church. If you are interested in practicing lamaist Buddhism, there are some temples and the monasteries. - Jan 2009

Mormon and other Christian sects are available. - Oct 2008


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