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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Very few people have full time help. It’s not a big thing here. English speaking nannies are available but not easy to come by. We have our house cleaned once a week and that costs around $30. - Jan 2024

We hire two women to come to clean our apartment one morning a week. It was very easy to find and employ them. Other families have found household help and/or nannies easily as well. The cost of our employees is approximately $25/week and we are very happy with that. - Aug 2022

We do not employ household help, but it is common. - Jan 2022

Very affordable. Most people have a "helper" for cleaning and/or as a nanny. Expect to pay less than US $500 for full time. - Sep 2020

Reasonable prices and good quality. English may be simple but functional. Having help with shopping is wonderful. - Aug 2020

Help is available for about $3 an hour. It is difficult to find English speaking helpers, and they go quickly. - Jul 2019

Household help is readily available but it can be hard to find the right person (as is the case for other places as well). We have a part-time helper for a few hours every day and we pay her US$260 per month, which is the norm (perhaps a bit higher). Full-time nannies are around US$400 and up per month. - Oct 2016

This is not something that's really a common thing in Mongolia, unlike in SE Asia for example, and homes are rarely equipped for live-in maids, for example. It's more common to hire someone on a daily or occasional basis to do cleaning/ironing etc. Payment varies widely, starting from US$20/day - we generally paid about US$30-$40 depending on the work at hand. - Feb 2015

Between $300-400 per month, but inflation is rapidly increasing labor prices. - May 2012

Cheap. - Feb 2012

Domestic help is readily available and relatively inexpensive. Be sure to vet your domestic help through someone else prior to hiring him or her. Finding people who cook Western dishes is not easy, especially since Western ingredients are also hard to find. Housekeepers are often referred by one expat family to another. I "inherited" my housekeeper from a departing expat. - Feb 2011

Available and inexpensive. - Jan 2009

Price is ok, but more expensive then other Asian countries. - Oct 2008

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