Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Nearly all vendors regardless of size accept credit cards, however, US based cards don’t always work on their machines. We have a local bank account which is very useful, especially when none of the cards are working. We get our cash from the embassy cashier but know many who have used ATMs and have not heard of any issues. - Jan 2024

Credit cards are widely accepted at supermarkets and Western restaurants. I have never heard of problems using either credit cards or ATMs locally. - Aug 2022

Credit cards are widely accepted and safe to use. Restaurants bring the card machine to the table. They work 90% of the time, with only a few vendors unable to process international/American cards. Occasionally delivery drivers will only accept cash, even when you've marked that you want to pay with card. - Jan 2022

Yes. The are very widely accepted and safe to use. Most Mongolians use cards but cash is more common in the countryside and smaller establishments. - Sep 2020

Yes. - Aug 2020

Credit cards are widely used without a problem. We don't use ATMs, but others do with success at a select few. - Jul 2019

I have not had problems using either. I know of a few ATM scams especially at the airport so something to keep in mind. - Oct 2016

No problems. Credit cards are widely used and ATMs available around the country. I don't have concerns about fraud as I would in many other places. The other day I saw a lady telling her young daughter quite loudly and openly what PIN to enter at the ATM - generally it's pretty trusting and I just hope it does last! - Feb 2015

No experience. - May 2012

Doable. - Feb 2012

Don't even try it, but if you are brave, use credit cards only in major retail establishments. ATMs? Forget it about. They exist here but expats have been advised against using them. - Feb 2011

I do not use them here. There are a few ATMs around the city. Some stores accept credit cards, usually Visa. - Jan 2009

You can, in few places. - Oct 2008

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