Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes. Sidewalks are prevalent but not always in great shape and terrible in the winter. I’ve seen ramps that would be dangerous to use under any circumstance. I walk around the city a lot and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in a wheelchair. - Jan 2024

Yes, Mongolia does not have many accommodations and I think it would be very difficult to live in Ulaanbaatar with physical disabilities. - Aug 2022

Yes. Sidewalks are uneven and slippery in the winter. - Jan 2022

Yes, there are no ADA standards here. - Sep 2020

Yes, sidewalks and access to public buildings could be challenging. - Aug 2020

Yes, because of the bumpy sidewalks and traffic. - Jul 2019

YES. Anyone navigating the sidewalks and streets has challenges (holes, uneven surfaces, lack of safe space completely) and once the ice and snow are on the ground, it becomes much more challenging. - Oct 2016

Yes. With the economic boom there are cars everywhere with most pedestrian zones parked over and cars competing for limited space. Also in winter the sidewalks are covered in ice and become extremely slippery. Many buildings have ultra-smooth marble entry stairs which are super-slippery and just dangerous. - Feb 2015

Lack of elevators, horrible sidewalks, if they even exist, the brutal cold. - May 2012

No accommodations for such. - Feb 2012

Yes, most definitely. Like special-needs children, physically disabled people hide in the shadows for fear of their safety. The sidewalks are very uneven and wheelchairs rarely exist. The rise in steps leading to buildings are often high and have no handrails. Elevators are a luxury in this country. Forget about trying to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act in this country. You'd have more luck with finding dinosaur bones in the Gobi. - Feb 2011

Enormous difficulties. - Jan 2009

Many difficulties, there are crater size pot holes all over the street, and many unpaved side walks. - Oct 2008

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