Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

The prejudices that I’m aware of are towards the Chinese and those of African descent. Women are often not taken seriously by Mongolian men in the workplace. - Jan 2024

Mongolia has a few ethnic minorities and I haven't noticed much ethnic/racial prejudice, although I'm sure it must exist to a certain extent. Mongolian society has a sense of being more gender equal in the sense that many white-collar office workers are women and traditionally the men stayed home to care for the herds. However, when you still look at C-suite positions, as well as the make up of parliament, governors, and other political leaders, they are dominated by men. - Jan 2022

Yes. There is not much diversity in Mongolia and if you look anything but Mongolian you will stand out. African-Americans often get photographed or touched. My blonde, blue-eyed kids got a lot of loving looks and cheek pinches. Historically Mongolians do not get along well with Chinese and some of that racial tension still exists. Those of Asian decent may face more outright racism. All others seem to be more curiosity. Gender equality is a mixed bag. Women are often professionals here but domestic abuse is extremely common and accepted. - Sep 2020

No. Mongolians are tolerant and curious. Mongolian women, like in too many countries, have issues with breaking through the glass ceiling, and there is a concern with domestic violence. This normally doesn't affect the expat community. - Aug 2020

Not pronounced but there are some pockets of misogyny and racial prejudice, with some minority extremist political parties occasionally causing disquiet. - Feb 2015

Definitely a xenophobic streak, but it is not widespread. Religion does not seem to be a big deal here. Mongolian society is traditionally male-dominated, but the opposite is true in non-traditional settings. For example, the embassy has very few male Mongolian supervisors. We don't have a great deal of business experience, but the majority of day-to-day contacts seem to be women. - May 2012

No most are huddled. - Feb 2012

Mongolian men are territorial with "their" women. Western men have been assaulted for being seen with Mongolian women. People of Asian descent, regardless of Asian ethnicity, have been attacked in the capital city. Centuries of tension between the Chinese and Mongolians has added fuel to that fire. - Feb 2011

Yes. Black people may have problems. People of Chinese descent may have problems. Women who are feminist are rare. The society is very family-oriented, and the definition of family isheterosexual. - Jan 2009

Mongolian dislike Chinese very much, and blame them for many things I find ridiculous. There is even a small Neo-Nazi group here specifically targeted against Chinese. - Oct 2008

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