Ulaanbaatar - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

It really depends on the person. There’s plenty to do if you seek it out. Star apartments is great for families. Kids can run/bike around the compound and it’s very safe. Restaurants are generally very family-friendly. - Jan 2024

This is a great city for couples because there are many things to do - restaurants, bars, concerts, theater, hiking, skiing, camping. If you are over 30, most of the Mongolians you meet will have children but they are overwhelmingly welcoming to couples without children (even if they are a little confused). - Aug 2022

I think it's good for everyone. - Jan 2022

Yes. There is a lively nightlife and lots of singles here. - Sep 2020

I think it is good for all. Incredible opportunities to explore the outdoors, endless open steppe, mountains, rivers, taiga, forests, with a modern vibrant city to be based in. - Aug 2020

Mongolians are very nationalistic and seem to look down on foreign men dating Mongolian women. - Jul 2019

Families with school-aged children like it here as the school is great and provides a nice community for families and children. The winter air pollution greatly limits outdoor winter activities in the city. I imagine it to be a difficult post for families with younger children due to limited activities and the winter pollution; on the other hand, nannies are readily available and inexpensive. Couples seem to fare well. I imagine it to be more difficult for single people as the expat community is small. - Oct 2016

For singles and couples I would say it's fine. For families, the key will be the choice of school, and one needs to give real priority to this important decision: I would hesitate to recommend to bring older children to UB at present given the paucity of choice, and the impact that lost time may have in their academic career down the line. - Feb 2015

Excellent for families and couples. There is a lot to do. Plenty of indoor kids activities in the winter like swimming, bowling, and museums. The American Embassy kids run around in packs at the apartment complex and have a great time riding bikes, at the playground or at each-other's houses. Don't know what it is like for the singles, but it would take some work to socialize. There are plenty of bars and dance clubs. The Mongolians especially like Irish bars. - May 2012

No - Feb 2012

The city itself isn't that great for families. The "countryside", anywhere outside of Ulaanbaatar, is ideal for families. If you and/or kids like to experience the outdoors, then the countryside is the place to be. Ulaanbaatar has an active nightlife, both for singles and couples. - Feb 2011

Varies. For families with teenaged children, the school may not be challenging enough. Families with young children tend to like being here. For singles, it varies enormously. - Jan 2009

Yes/yes/yes. - Oct 2008

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