San Juan - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Food from supermarkets about 20% above USA mainland. Delicious milk is available from the numerous local dairies bug is about $6/gallon. Buy/rent a house with a yard as lack of freezes makes a fresh veggie garden easy. Supermarkets have produce rather poor quality - days or weeks in a ship from the states although young people are trying hard to revive the local ag sector with small organic farms. You have to hunt a bit though, compared to the states. At SOME PRICE everything available. - May 2023

Expensive! Food on this island is expensive. Seriously expensive. On top of the cost of goods, the cost of electricity is insane. Even if you only use the air conditioners at night, you won't pay less than US$400 a month for a family of four. - Jan 2014

As stated earlier, because much of the food here is imported it is expensive. There are several grocery chains on the island, as well as Home Depot, Sam's Club and Costco. There are specialty foods such as gluten free, lactose free, etc. etc available at Freshmart stores. We have a peanut allergic child and buy sunflower seed butter there. Just about anything you need or want is available, you just have to ask around. Someone will know! - Jun 2013

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