What do people who suffer from environmental or food allergies need to know?

The air can get bad for allergies... but it doesn't last long. Short flowering seasons. - Aug 2019

I don't know of any major allergy concerns. Celiacs or those who prefer to eat gluten free may have some difficulty and will probably have to ship in food. - Apr 2019

It will likely be more problematic here but manageable. - Dec 2017

Have your allergen-free food shipped. Many items are NOT available locally. - Dec 2017

Environmental allergies will be hard to manage unless they respond well to an anti-allergy pill. Dust and smoke are rampant, as are mold and mildew.

Bring what you need to eat with you or plan to ship from Amazon. Some gluten free items available hit or miss. Some non-dairy items available hit or miss. Almond milk was available last year for $15/liter but has recently been unavailable city wide for past few months. Just found it for $23/liter. - Mar 2017

Many local foods are made with peanuts, so if sensitive, I would stick to Western food. - Jan 2017

Probably not a post for you. Air conditioning is a necessary evil, and my kids and I would occasionally have minor respiratory issues as a result. - Sep 2016

Food allergies - bring your epipen. My seasonal allergies haven't been too bad here, but it will depend on what you are allergic to. Bring lots of antihistamines! - Apr 2016

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