Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

There is day care available, and many people choose to just employ a full time nanny for little ones. - Apr 2019

2 PreK (Busy Bees or Little Jewels). Most people have nannies which are certainly affordable. - Dec 2017

There is an English speaking pre-school and a good Belgian one. Nanny care is most popular. - Sep 2016

Yes. Our daughter is at a local international school with English, French and Montessori options (she is in French) which I believe takes children as early as 18 months. Cost is approx. US$2500 from September to June. I am not aware of any schools that run through the summer, though there are camps. There is also a British daycare (Busy Bees) and a Belgian daycare (Les Oisillons), and the French school takes children starting in pre-kindergarten (3-4 years). Les Oisillons is the most expensive, but none are as expensive as daycare in most US cities (ie: DC). Most people here have household help - and thus a nanny - who keeps the children in the afternoon (school ends usually at noon for daycare/preschool) and over the holidays. - Apr 2016

See above. There are a number of both English-language and French-language pre-schools available as well as plentiful domestic help. Pre-schools run from US$3,000-$5,000/child per year. - Jan 2014

Preschools: Jewels, Les Oisillions, Busy Bees, and others. - Nov 2012

Yes, Jewels and a Belgian daycare. The Brits have daycare too. - May 2012

Not sure, I think if there was any it would have been at the Belgian School. Most people have Congolese nannies as early childcare and daycare. - Feb 2012

- Nov 2011

Yes, and quite OK, but French-speaking. - Aug 2011

Les Oisillons, a French-based preschool. I have no direct experience. Many folks also use local domestic help to look after small children. - Oct 2010

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