How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

DPO. I wouldn't use the local system. - Aug 2019

Pouch or DPO. DPO takes ten days to two weeks normally, pouch is usually two - four weeks. DPO allows liquids, but has more stringent restrictions of package size than pouch. You'll learn which option is best for which purpose quickly enough. I did have one letter sent to me through DRC post, which I was rather surprised to receive... six months after it was sent. - Apr 2019

DPO/Pouch. It can be faster than expected (1-2 weeks)... and occasionally it lets you down (4-5 weeks...) - Dec 2017

There is a DPO at post in the US embassy. - Dec 2017

DPO and Pouch. Nothing reliable locally that I am aware of. - Mar 2017

DPO. No local postal facilities that are reliable. - Jan 2017

DPO. No adequate local facilities. - Sep 2016

We use the DPO and pouch. There is no national postal service here. - Apr 2016

Embassy DPO service is excellent, by and large, and a real morale booster. - Jan 2014

Embassy personnel use the DPO and the Pouch. Kinshasa does have DHL. - Nov 2012

DPO. - May 2012

DPO. Mail was often delayed. - Feb 2012

Embassy DPO (for embassy personnel only). - Nov 2011

by pouch only - Aug 2011

We used the Embassy DPO. All mail takes much longer than you would expect to come and go. - Jan 2011

DPO or unclassified pouch. There is no local postal service. DHL also operates here, but it is very expensive. - Oct 2010

Diplomatic Post Office (similar to APO) or diplomatic pouch; I wouldn't use the local post offices. - Jan 2009

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