Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes. I think it takes a while to find the advanced classes that are offered in the local community, for example, the soccer clubs, competitive fencing, etc. Iff you just want kids to be active, there's the usual swimming and basketball at the school. - Aug 2019

Dance, yoga, TASOK has some school sports I believe, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts. - Dec 2017

Lots of after school activities and things for school age kids to do. - Mar 2017

Through the schools. Portuguese school had a very good soccer program. Hellenic Center had tennis lessons, along with Greek lessons! - Sep 2016

Most school have some sports programs, but I'm not familiar with most. I know my daughter's school has karate and soccer (football here). - Apr 2016

TASOK offers a number of sports programs and there are numerous private lessons and clubs as well. Horseback riding/stables are expensive but available and good at the Cercle Hippique de Kinshasa. - Jan 2014

For older kids, yes. Younger kids, it's mainly swimming and whatever private lessons you might do (horseback riding, tennis). - Nov 2012

Yes. - May 2012

Probably at TASOK (the American school)...but I would assume it would be pretty limited. - Feb 2012

Yes - Aug 2011

There are some programs through the schools. - Jan 2011

Sure. There are martial arts, horse riding, swimming, tennis, soccer, whatever. - Oct 2010

I've heard of kids taking lessons in horseback riding, tennis, swimming, dancing and gymnastics. - Jan 2009

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