What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are very good local options, but the Embassy's gym really needs upgrading. The sports club/hotel across from the admin complex has a great pool and for individuals it's only $50/month. Better places, like the very upscale Fleuve Hotel, are twice that. - Aug 2019

The embassy gym is in awful condition and not conveniently located for most embassy personnel, because it's on a different compound from the chancery or USAID compounds. There are gyms in most of the major hotels, and many people end up purchasing their own exercise equipment. It's difficult to workout outside in most areas, though the "river loop" area is popular for jogging. - Apr 2019

Gyms are lacking but available in town at the nice hotels if you are willing to pay. Most gyms are approximately $200/month. There are options to belong to gym/pool combo and there are yoga classes, boxing classes available in town as well. An American expat hosts CrossFit-type classes as well - Dec 2017

Only the US embassy gym with membership. - Dec 2017

Three (+?) of our USG housing pool apartment buildings have small gyms with mediocre equipment that you can use. Many hotels have nice gyms but want you to also pay for pool and or spa access as well, which is pricey.

The original River Loop has been closed indefinitely and the alternative is fraught with cars, beggars, and potholes. Therefore walking/running out of doors is not really a great option anymore though several ladies still do it in groups. I disagree with another poster on this issue: spandex and tank tops are perfectly fine and you will see plenty of Congolese wearing them while exercising too. Obvious expats turn heads and get unwanted attention no matter what we wear or do. It is unavoidable. But you may wish to wear long sleeves and leggings/pants anyway due to the bugs! - Mar 2017

Most housing and some restaurants have small pools. Gyms are very expensive, crowded, and mostly attached to hotels. There used to be a running/walking path by the Congo river, but now it's closed (possibly indefinitely). It's really not safe to walk/run outside except in a tiny area, so I recommend bringing workout equipment such as exercise machines, dvds, yoga mats, and free weights if you like exercising. These things are available in Kinshasa, but at low quality/ridiculous prices. If you don't use what you bring, you'll be able to sell any of the above for the original purchase price. Also note that workout clothing should be modest (unfortunately, women really can't run outside in shorts, tight pants, and/or tank tops without attracting a lot of unwanted attention). - Jan 2017

Not much. Embassy had a very small gym with some treadmills and weights. The Congo River 'loop' in the leafy Ambassadorial part of the Gombe neighborhood was the only place to walk/jog in town. Sunday evenings they were a zoo! - Sep 2016

The US Embassy has a gym for a monthly fee (not sure what). Many of the apartment buildings have gyms. There are yoga, crossfit, Zumba and other classes available in various places and for various costs. You can always walk the "River Loop" for free as many people do. - Apr 2016

The Embassy has a gym and there are gyms available at the Grand Hotel and a couple other places. - Nov 2012

Yes. - May 2012

Yes, well sort of. There is a small gym on the embassy compound, but it is available to embassy people only. There are also small gyms at the Grand Hotel and the Tennis club (but not much in terms of treadmills/ellipticals). - Feb 2012

The U.S. Embassy has a small gym for embassy personnel only. - Nov 2011

Yes - Aug 2011

The embassy has the Marine gym. There is little or nothing else on the local scene. - Jan 2011

Yes. - Oct 2010

Yes, there are several; all are expensive. - Jan 2009

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