Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

Definitely, but shopping can be very stressful because you have to navigate the crowded markets. There are talented artisans and artists everywhere in this city. Lots of great woodwork if you're a Tin Tin fan... - Aug 2019

Kinshasa has some great local art, and a lot of the usual tourist trinkets. Tailoring is very popular, especially using the vibrant local "pagne" fabric. - Apr 2019

Pagne goods, wooden knickknacks, there is some art, there are some good markets around Christmas time. - Dec 2017

Lots of artisans here selling many different items. - Mar 2017

Yes, handicrafts are amazing (even compared to other places in Africa). You can get great wooden carvings, masks, paintings, and knick knacks. The process of buying/bargaining for these is quite stressful, but you can find real gems for little money if you are thick-skinned and persistent. Tailors are relatively cheap, so you can have unique clothing made with local fabric. - Jan 2017

It's sad, but a serious African art collector can find some amazing pieces -- masks and carvings, and museum quality Kuba cloth -- for very little money. - Sep 2016

Art - paintings, masks, wooden/clay sculptures; pagne (local fabrics) which are beautiful and cheap (6 yards for US$10-15). - Apr 2016

Pagne fabrics, art, masks, scultptures, furniture, many, many tchotkes. Not cheap, however, and not all of good quality. - Jan 2014

Very nice wood furniture, paintings, some copper and other metal art, lots of wood carvings and crafts. - Nov 2012

Local art and crafts. Fabric and cloth. - Feb 2012

Fabrics. - Nov 2011

There are some nice paintings - Aug 2011

Artwork, wood crafts, masks. - Jan 2011

Cloth, statues, masks, paintings. The stuff in the markets is mass produced. But with effort you can find someone who will locate items of real interest. The "village des artistes" has some pretty neat, creative stuff going on. Furniture of decent quality can be had from a Mennonite outfit. - Oct 2010

Kuba cloth, kuba masks, malachite beads & other objects. - Jan 2009

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