But don't forget your:

Deet, lysol wipes, green thumb, and manners. - Aug 2019

Malaria pills and deet. - Apr 2019

Rain boots/jacket for rainy season, positive attitude, patience and sense of humor. - Dec 2017

Swimsuit, sunscreen, bug spray, sense of humor, and treadmill. - Mar 2017

Sunblock (not really available locally). - Jan 2017

Treadmill if you like to walk/run, and dancing shoes. - Sep 2016

Sense of adventure, love of fresh tropical fruit and veggies, pool and sand toys. - Apr 2016

Bug spray, adaptability, patience, and willingness to laugh through it all. - Jan 2014

books, bug spray, sun screen, sunglasses, golf clubs, camping gear, lawn games, 220v appliances, transformers, battery back-ups, toolbox, and spare parts. - Nov 2012

Bathing suit, sunscreen, mosquito spray. Due to limited places to go, pools are great on the weekends and most of the houses have them. - Feb 2012

DVDs. - Nov 2011

Sun cream - Aug 2011

patience -- and lots of it. Keep an open mind. - Jan 2011

open mind. - Oct 2010

Sunscreen, mosquito repellant, open attitude. - Jan 2009

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