Morale among expats:

Very bad to very good. The post is an emotional roller coaster, but the expat community is very open and collegial. Those who get involved in the community have more fun and find outlets for the quite real frustrations of this city and country. - Nov 2012

Good if you get away from US Embassy and meet other expats. - May 2012

Very low at times but, at the same time, the community is very close and we made life-long friends and had great times. - Feb 2012

Poor. - Nov 2011

Varies, depending on expectations, whether you are single or with a family, and your sense of humour - Aug 2011

ranges from fair to "counting the days until the next trip out". - Jan 2011

varies. There is a lot of whining and complaining about "the congolese" or that "there's nothing to do." People choose their morale. - Oct 2010

Seems to be pretty good. - Jan 2009

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