English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

Newspapers, not so much. TV, there is DSTV from South Africa. Installation is pretty expensive. Some Embassy houses have AFN dishes, and if you can find a decoder you can watch US TV. - Nov 2012

Yes. - May 2012

We had AFN but there was satellite television available. It was very expensive (roughly $700 start up + 200 a month) - Feb 2012

No. - Nov 2011

Yes - Aug 2011

Not that we found. Our English news was thru the internet. Some people had English newspapers shipped to them. - Jan 2011

AFN is provided. DSTV is very nice and offers different packages, (I think at around $100/mo, but I could be off). There is local television as well: in French. - Oct 2010

BBC in English at certain times during the day on one radio station; satellite TV from S. Africa (there's an English-language option). - Jan 2009

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