What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

We drove our 7 year old Chrysler Town and Country minivan here and it's fine. We have never needed to have anything with extra clearance. I suppose that Teslas would have trouble getting repairs. Winter tires are an option here that are highly recommended. All tire shops can store the tires for you during the summer months. There is a 5% insurance discount if you purchase a set of winter tires. - Sep 2020

Whatever you prefer. Any car from the States can be serviced in Halifax. Burglary/carjacking risk is quite low. Note that American cars brought into Canada diplomatically are considered a temporary import and can not be sold or permanently imported without extensive and expensive modifications to meet Canadian specs. Plan to export your car at the end of your tour. Black ice, snow, and other wintry conditions make a sturdy vehicle advisable. Plan on having a pair of winter tires to put on every winter. Also note that you can't register your car without proof of local insurance, and most insurers won't insure you without a Canadian credit history. A company called The Personal has a special arrangement for U.S. Mission personnel, which is a way to avoid this headache. U.S. insurers won't cover in Canada. - May 2018

any, though SUVs are good in the winter - Feb 2010

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