What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

The temperatures in winter equal the winters of Pittsburgh, PA, but there is quite a bit of slushy snow that hangs around, freezes, and soils shoes. Salt from roads and sidewalks require shoe removal everywhere, and it can be written into the lease to remove shoes. The damage to flooring is real. Even doctors offices and gymnasiums will occasionally request shoe removal, and everyone will remove their shoes before entering the house hands down. It's rude not to do so. - Sep 2020

Summer is beautiful and fall is glorious. Expect nice weather until mid to late November, and then the wet and cold gloom sets in. Winter doesn't really arrive until January, but can stick around until May. Warm, sunny temperatures are not reliable until mid-June. Winter comes in waves. Big snow storms that will close offices, then sunny and a bit warmer until it melts away, only to get hit with another snowstorm a week later. Lots of fog, but typically just around the harbor area that burns off by the end of the day. - May 2018

4 seasons. Cold, damp, snowy winters, short but pleasant spring and fall, and 80 degree summers. - Feb 2010

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