What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

Plenty. Ask the Community Liaison Office (CLO) for current listing. - Sep 2019

Lots. - Dec 2018

ISB; International Women's Club; Bread of Life; orphnages; asylums; special needs - no shortage of them. - Aug 2015

You'd have to have some initiative to find volunteer opportunities, but the expat group (Belgrade International Visitors Club) organizes some events - a flood clean-up last year, refugee assistance this year, clothing drives. The International Women's Club does some volunteering and organizes an annual charity bazaar. Volunteering in local organizations would require some Serbian, but with the increasing migrant/refugee crisis, there will probably be more opportunities especially for anyone that speaks Arabic. - Aug 2015

Bingo with senior citizens, arts and crafts with adults and children with special needs, helping kids with homework at Roma day centers, etc. - Aug 2014

New book from Talesmag! Honest and courageous stories of life abroad with special needs.

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