Belgrade - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

None to my knowledge. - Sep 2019

No. Belgrade is a safe city. We had teens there and they were out and about, taking buses, and going out at night, taking taxis late, etc. - Jan 2019

Special? No. This is honestly the place I've felt safest. I walked around at all times of day and night by myself and never had any problems or felt unsafe. It was wonderful. There were a couple of break-ins in the suburbs, but no one got injured. Random violence is very infrequent. - Sep 2015

None other than the usual stuff that comes with big cities. If there are any anti-American feelings left, they are mostly hidden among the old generations. We are advised to avoid gatherings and football matches. - Aug 2015

Not really. Pretty low crime, very little violent crime and what there is is often targeted and related to organized crime. The biggest threat is soccer hooligans and being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time after a contentious game. Driving can be a little aggressive. - Aug 2015

Overall I feel safe here. We are, however, advised to avoid major sporting events and political rallies. We have also heard of a few residential break-ins and some pickpocketing. - Aug 2014

We feel very very safe here, however there have been some small smash and grab occurrences and there is always the possibility of unrest. Overall, we feel safer here than in many places in the U.S. - Aug 2013

This has been a surprise for us, as the daily living is very peaceful. Embassy neighborhood is the suburbs is very calm and families feel very safe. Political outbursts is always a possibility, but so far this has not been the case. - Apr 2012

None. A very safe city. - Nov 2011

It was a safe city. We were advised to avoid soccer matches and other political rallies. - Jul 2011

There are issues concerning the status of Gays in Belgrade, and when there are demonstrations, violence usually ensues. - Nov 2010

None - this is a really safe place. - Jun 2010

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