Belgrade - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Several schools available. - Sep 2019

Several International schools. Our children went to two of them. ISB was very good in the Primary years. Academically, it is a sound school, but we disagreed with the excessive (in our opinion) use of technology. Chartwell International is also excellent for the young years. There is Prima International, also, and the Lycee Francais. - Jan 2019

See the school report, but schools there include: International School of Belgrade (IB)
Chartwell and Prima (British curriculum)
Le Lycée Français (French curriculum). - Dec 2018

Very good International School for Elementary and Middle School (ISB). Not so great for High school becasue of the social aspect and quite frankly the academics at that level is not that great. Most send their high schoolers to boarding schools. - Aug 2015

Several options including International School of Belgrade (ISB, the choice of most Embassy families), British School, German school, French school, Chartwell, Prima. Our daughter was only in kindergarten at ISB but we loved it. Her class was 12 students with a teacher and full-time aide. The school was excellent, her teacher communicated well, and the tuition included two after-school activities a week with late bus provided. Communication from the school was spotty, and the lunches aren'y great, but those were our only real complaints at the kindergarten level. - Aug 2015

I don't have school-aged children, but families seem happy with the International School of Belgrade. Other options for K-12 include Chartwell International School, the British International School, the French International School. There are other smaller schools as well. - Aug 2014

We don't have school aged kids but we have heard very positive feedback about the international school of Belgrade. There are quite a few others as well including a French international school, Chartwell international school, a British international school etc. - Aug 2013

Most attend Internation School of Belgrade (ISB). We have been very pleased so far despite being a smaller school. Teachers seem to be very dedicated. - Apr 2012

I hear the international school is good for high school. I don't have children. - Nov 2011

There is the most popular: ISB (International School of Belgrade) has preschool to high school, on three campuses, although they plan to combine the middle and high school to one campus. I would describe the school as being a good public school. They have a nice after school activity program. Overall it was an okay experience, but it always will depend on the teacher/teachers you happen to get. The bus service is crazy in that they will pick up randomly and then have to make stops at all three of the schools to drop off and pick up. It added a lot of unnecessary time on the bus for the kids. Also used by some are the: The British International School ( Chartwell International School ( These schools are smaller then ISB. - Jul 2011

The International School of Belgrade is clearly the top school in Serbia with little competition from the likes of British International School, Crnjanski, Prima International and the French/German schools. ISB is an IB World School and hosts all major college fairs, SAT testing and other events. - Nov 2010

There is an international school here, but I don't have kids, so I don't know anything about it. Check it out here: - Jun 2010

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