Belgrade - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Many highlights. The river Uvac, some fantastic hiking, Subotica is a beautiful city, as is Novi Sad. The bridge of Visegrad. Tara National Park. The Belgrade Dance Festival brings in the best companies in the world, every spring. Opera seats in the first row at 8 Euros. Concerts. Movies in original version (except animated children's movies). We loved Belgrade. - Jan 2019

The viewpoint over the Uvac meandre. Hikes in the Tara National Park. Novi Sad and Subotica are lovely cities. The Belgrade Dance Festival brings companies from all over the world. Orchestra or first balcony opera seats at less than 10 Euros. Concerts. Traveling to the many beautiful neighboring countries (Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Albania, etc.) The tango school, Tango Natural, and their yearly international tango Festival, Belgrade Tango Encuentro. - Dec 2018

Just enjoying the city. It's a beautiful place and is fantastic to live in. There aren't many tourist spots to check out in Belgrade, but daily life is just wonderful. As aforementioned, the food really is great. Both street food (grilled meat can be gotten for less than $2) and high-end international restaurants (dinners with appetizers, mains, desserts and alcohol can cost around $30) are fabulous. Cafe culture is huge in Belgrade, and the second the sun comes out the sidewalks are filled with people enjoying a coffee all day long. Every block has a salon, pharmacy, and market. Life in Belgrade is just easy and comfortable. - Sep 2015

All four of us were very happy during the three years in Belgrade. There was something to do for everyone. Our kids, in elementary school, loved the place, the school, the friends, life in general. We loved the house, the neigborhood, the travel, the food, the possibilitites for entertainment. - Aug 2015

See the above. There are great restaurants, great travel and since we an afford to have babysitters we can go out almost every weekend. - Aug 2015

We have enjoyed the close proximity to many other interesting cities in the region and the good number of flights available from Belgrade to western Europe. We also enjoy the wide variety of restaurant and entertainment options, as well as the delicious fresh produce available at green markets around town. - Aug 2014

The wonderful produce, great travel, kind people, eating out, going out in the country for lunches as the salas! - Aug 2013

Daily life is very enjoyable and peaceful. Beautiful trips within Serbia as well as to Rome, Budapest, Vienna, Slovenia and elsewhere. - Apr 2012

The city is a good livable city. Not great for tourists, but you can hang out at cafes or on the river island in the city. The club scene is well known and attended if you like techno. You won't find a variety of music here. - Nov 2011

I was surprised at how respectful the Serbian people are. They were always courteous (except when driving), and very kind and interested in my children. - Jul 2011

The cafe/bars are pretty nice. Most people do the cafe thing for coffee or beer from 5 PM to 10 PM. People tend to go to a bar or night club from 10 PM to 2 AM. The dance boats open around 2 AM and close around sunrise. 24-hour burger shops are common. - Nov 2010

The people, for sure. If you're alone, as I was when I got here, it is difficult to meet people sometimes. However, once you establish a circle of friends, they will never leave you. Lots of good partying, lots of fun. If you expect to get a whole lot done here, though, FORGET IT. The Serbs pride themselves on living well while not having to do anything - leftovers from the Yugo days (which you'll also hear a lot about - how great things USED to be). - Jun 2010

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