What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

It's just an easy city. No traffic (barely, basically takes 10-20 mns to go from one point to the other. Culture. Sports. Location - from this base, you can visit all the neighboring countries (Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Hungary, Macedonia, Bulgaria, etc, etc, all the way to Greece on one side, or to Italy or France on the other.) - Jan 2019

Many, many advantages. The city scene. The culture scene. It is safe and affordable. The nature. Warm people. - Dec 2018

For those living on foreign salaries, Belgrade is a very inexpensive city. The food is fantastic. The city is large enough to have a lot to offer, yet small enough to easily maneuver - I walked or biked everywhere. Traveling within Serbia and elsewhere is cheap and easy. When Air Serbia partnered with Emirates they greatly extended their network. They have sales several times a week, and you can fly to many European cities for around 100 euros with these sales. You can drive to many places in four hours, including Zagreb and Budapest. - Sep 2015

Countless special advantages. Cost of living is relatively cheap and availability of groceries is a lot better than one would imagine. Traveling opportunities are simply wonderful. Culture is plentiful. Life is really good in Serbia. One can fully appreciate it after they leave it behind. - Aug 2015

Belgrade is a fantastic city. It's the right size - big enough to have opera, and a philharmonic, museums and music festivals. Small enough that the traffic isn't bad and you can pretty much always park downtown without too much hassle. The food - Serbian food isn't the best or most diverse in the world, but what it does well, it does well. Grilled meat, fresh bread, meat stuffed inside bread, meat stuffed inside meat. This is not a town for vegetarians. The prices - Serbia is very affordable on an expat salary, especially with the strong dollar right now. A nice dinner for two, with wine, at one of the best restaurants in town, costs US$50-$70. Opera US$8, Philharmonic US$5, movies US$5. Household help is good and affordable, as is daycare. The travel. Four hours to Budapest. Six to the Istrian coast of Croatia. Six to the Julian Alps of Slovenia. Six to Vienna, eight to Prague. And that's driving. By air, all of Europe is accessible for a long weekend. - Aug 2015

Belgrade is a cosmopolitan city with many good restaurants, great nightlife, friendly locals, and plenty of opportunities for regional travel. It's also relatively easy to navigate, many neighborhoods are quiet and peaceful, and the cost of living is relatively low. - Aug 2014

This is a great post, the Serbian people are very friendly and love kids and dogs, there are amazing green markets, large grocery stores just like back home, excellent restaurant scene, great parks, the countryside is beautiful and you're also just a short drive, or flight, to many other fabulous destinations like Hungary, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania etc. The mission is well run, good morale and leadership, nice housing, interesting work... We love it here. - Aug 2013

Easy, livable city with low crime. Beautiful countryside. Peaceful neighborhoods. Easy driving to many interesting cities such as Budapest and Vienna. - Apr 2012

The city has lots of Serbian restaurants, a Brazilian restaurant, a few Chinese restaurants, and not much else. There are many cheap culture events here including ballet, opera, good music concerts with Western singers, symphony, and art. - Nov 2011

You are in Europe, there are lots of places to visit. The day to day life here is fairly good, easy and safe. - Jul 2011

Good beef, honey, wine, trout, tomatoes and peppers. - Nov 2010

The nightlife is awesome, if you're into it. Serbs know how to drink and party, and the women are incredibly beautiful. However, don't expect Kiev - these girls are not easy, though they are exceptional. You can save some money, depending on how you want to live. If you want to live large, you can. But most Serbs don't make a ton of money, though they manage to live quite comfortably. No one starves here. The weather is nice - 4 seasons. Summer can be hot in Belgrade, but if you get down south and west, the mountains are cool and wonderful. - Jun 2010

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