What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

Anything brand new you might want to leave at home. I recommend something that you can get serviced locally. - Sep 2019

We were told to get a 4x4 but honestly, it was not necessary. We bought a Kia. Most brands are represented. - Dec 2018

Smaller cars are best for city driving. Winter (or all-weather) tires are mandatory. Many people at the embassy drove Subarus. - Sep 2015

Most drive a small size SUV. Winters can get snowy so you need something that will handle icy roads well. - Aug 2015

Pretty much any car is OK. Small cars are good for tight parking spaces, especially if you have to park in a garage, but high clearance is good for parking on sidewalks and curbs. We've appreciated having all wheel drive. All-weather or winter tires are required in the winter. Mechanics are good - we use the Toyota dealership which is more expensive than local mechanics. Oil changes can also be expensive because of the cost of the oil and filter. - Aug 2015

A smaller car is better for city driving and parking - SUVs, minivans, and larger cars may have a hard time fitting into city parking spots. - Aug 2014

We have a bigger car but smaller is generally going to be better for city living and parking. Roads are pretty good so most anything works. Gas is expensive, as it is in all of Europe so if you don't get VAT free gas then bring something with good fuel economy. - Aug 2013

Parking is very tight in the city. We have a big car which is difficult to park. That being said, it is not a big deal except when parking in the city. Roads are generally in good shape. - Apr 2012

Any car will work. Local cars are all small and so are parking spots in the city. - Nov 2011

You will find all different kinds of automobiles on the road. Overall, the smaller cars were easier to maneuver through the narrow streets and tight parking spots, but anything would work here. There are many familiar Dealerships. - Jul 2011

Tiny cars work best. The roads are pretty good, so there is no need for a large car unless you have kids. Fiat Punto is the national car here because of its efficiency and small size for parking in the jungle of parked cars downtown. - Nov 2010

Anything is fine - all dealerships are here. - Jun 2010

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