Belgrade - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Donesi was the online delivery service for takeaway. Quick, site is in English, wide variety of restaurants to chose from. - Sep 2019

All sorts of restaurant, although Asian restaurants tend to not last long. During our time, there was only one Indian restaurant. There was one Thai restaurant, but it closed. They come and go. - Jan 2019

The main issue with restaurants is not so much the food offered (we would have liked more Asian options, but the offer expanded during the time we were there, and this will probably continue to improve), but the fact that the concept of a non-smoking area remains totally foreign, in Serbia. During summer, it is not too much of an issue, but in winter, it is very difficult to find non-smoking restaurants, or restaurants that actually have a proper non-smoking section - as opposed to one non-smoking table right in the middle of the restaurant!

There is an online food delivery service that delivers meals from a large variety of restaurants ( - Dec 2018

The first McDonald's in the former Yugoslavia was opened in Belgrade, and it is still open. There's also KFC. Costa Coffee from the UK is plentiful. There's also a ton of Serbian/Balkan fast-food joints with grilled meats that are cheap and excellent. Bakeries are amazing and can be found on nearly every street. As mentioned above, there are tons of amazing restaurants in Belgrade, with new ones constantly opening. I never got bored of the food scene. - Sep 2015

Many fast food joints - but why fast food when the local restaurants are so good?!? - Aug 2015

The only U.S. chains are McDonald's and KFC. There's also a good burrito place (like Chipotle), gyros and falafel, and lots of Serbian grill places that are very affordable. Almost everything delivers. Tons of excellent restaurants, and more open every month. Good international food, high-end Serbian, Italian, sushi, etc. There's not much in the way of Mexican, only one Indian place, one Turkish place, and one Thai place. - Aug 2015

The restaurant scene is great - you can get excellent local food as well was really good sushi, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Spanish, etc. Prices are generally less expensive than you would find in the U.S. Nice restaurants have entrees ranging from around US$8 - $20, and local restaurants are less expensive. Alcohol is also cheap. If you need a taste of America, there are several McDonald's and KFC restaurants around town. - Aug 2014

Wonderful restaurant scene, you can find it all here...Sushi, Italian, Mexican, Indian etc. Really nice restaurants main dishes average US$10-$20, and that is for a really nice restaurants. Alcohol is very reasonalble, maybe US$2 for a beer, US$3-5 for a glass of wine or cocktail. Fast food, McDonald's and KFC. The McDonald's are way nicer than ours in the U.S., haven't seen a KFC. Apparently there was a Pizza Hut but it closed. - Aug 2013

American Fastfood: McDonald's, Pizza Hut, KFC. Wide variety of many great pizza places. Local Serbian version of Mexican and Chinese. Wide variety of excellent European Cuisine restaurants at good prices ($10/plate)' - Apr 2012

There are McDonald's, a Pizza Hut, and a KFC. There are many Serbian fast food stands in the city. - Nov 2011

American chains: McDonald's, KFC, Pizza Hut. The prices are similar/maybe a little higher then what you'd pay in the US.There many other good food/restaurant options. - Jul 2011

Fast Food: McDonald's ($1.50 for cheeseburger, $5 for Big Mac), KFC, Foodies, etc. Decent Restaurants: Nearly all restaurants are Serbian/Italian and make for boring cuisine (Mixed Grilled Meat $10-14, Pizza $6-10, Pasta $6-8). - Nov 2010

McDonald's and KFC for fast food. We just got KFC and we're happy. More and more great restaurants are opening on almost a daily basis. There is plenty of variety now - a huge difference in 5 years. - Jun 2010

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