Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Not really. Serbian culture is very macho. They have a gay parade, each year, and they get the tanks out so secure it. - Jan 2019

This is trickier. As I said above, Serbian culture is very macho, and they really have a problem with LGBT. Gay parades were finally authorized but on that day, the whole military force is in the streets, with tanks etc. There is a gay community, though. Just be careful. - Dec 2018

On paper, Serbia is extremely homophobic. The vast majority believe homosexuality is wrong, according to polls. That said, there is a gay scene, and it is not underground. While it is small, there are several gay bars and clubs - all easily googleable. As a queer woman, I never encountered any problems. All my local friends were gay, and there are frequent parties for men and women. A Pride Celebration was successfully held in 2014, after four years without one. As Serbia moves closer to the EU, governmental attitudes are changing a bit. It isn't Barcelona or Berlin, but considering that it is a deeply religious country in the Balkans, I was pleased with the community and my experiences there. - Sep 2015

Yes, it is. - Aug 2015

Yes, and no. Serbia is a very homophobic society and the 2010 Gay pride parade resulted in widespread violence. The parade was held in 2014 but with a heavy police presence that basically closed the city down. Anti-LGBT graffiti is everywhere, and if you can read the Serbian, there are some pretty offensive things. But there are LGBT activists, some gay-friendly bars and restaurants, and the LGBT people I know here have generally not had problems although they also can't be openly out they way they can in the U.S. - Aug 2015

There has traditionally been strong anti-gay sentiment in Serbia although efforts are being made to promote acceptance. - Aug 2014

It is a homogenous society, however movements are being made to generate awareness and acceptance. That said, it may be easier for foreigners than locals. - Aug 2013

No. Very strong anti-gay sentiment in this region. - Apr 2012

There are some underground clubs/venues in the city, but being openly gay may get one beat up by locals. - Nov 2011

Probably not that good(not culturally accepted). - Jul 2011

Terrible place for the gay community. - Nov 2010

Well, not so friendly. Lots of homophobia. It's best not be proud and out loud. Gay friends who've come have told me (about places I've sent them) "that's NOT a gay bar, they just don't want to kill me". So I don't know. But if you're discreet, there are gays and lesbians here, of course. - Jun 2010

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