Belgrade - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

None. Commissary was always well-stocked. We do love peanut butter so we brought a bunch. Wide variety of gluten-free options in stores if needed. - Sep 2019

We missed our salted butter. Other than that, we usually found pretty much everything. - Jan 2019

Barely anything, honestly. We love our salted butter, and for a while, we found some, but then, only the President butter spread, but that's ok. - Dec 2018

Honestly, there is nothing I can think of. Like I said, more groceries than I expected were available. Everything else you can get through the DPO. - Sep 2015

Coffee and cake frosting. - Aug 2015

Not much - maybe outdoor/pool toys. Books in English to give as gifts at kid's birthday parties. Halloween costumes. With DPO, there's not much we can't get. - Aug 2015

I'm able to get what I need on the local economy or through the mail. Clothing and toys are more expensive here than they are in the U.S. so it's best to stock up ahead of time. - Aug 2014

I can get anything we need from the local economy, our embassy commissary and amazon. It's very very comfortable living here. Bring a bike if you like to bike, roller blades have made a big comeback here, so you can bring those too, many folks like to bring tires and car parts as these can be expensive. - Aug 2013

Electronics. If you plan to get a laptop computer or other items with batteries, plan ahead and bring them with you. - Apr 2012

Economy size toiletries. Much cheaper to bring them than to buy them there. - Nov 2011

You can find most things here, maybe just not the variety or quality that you would like. The Embassy Commissary allows you to make 3 special orders a year from the master list. - Jul 2011

Mexican and Asian spices (although there is a secret Asian market in the Chinese shopping complex down past Bouviac and Delta City). Clothing is super pricy and will not fit and American physique, so shop a bunch before you come. - Nov 2010

My car and an American bed. - Jun 2010

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