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Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

See my answer above about sports and timing. Otherwise, lots available. Our daughter took up synchronized swimming there. Expect high demand from the teachers. This is a competitive culture. - Jan 2019

This can be a bit tricky. The Serbian school system works on two schedules that change each week. 7 am to 2 pm, and 2 pm to 7 pm. This means that most sport classes and activities for local kids only start after 7 pm and can last until 9 pm or later. Also, the Serbian approach to sports or dance or music is very "Russian" and strict. It can work for some international children, or not. Both our daughters did a lot of ballet in Belgrade. It is possible to find a few schools which have a softer approach to teaching, but careful with their ethics (and expect sky-high prices). It is also possible to get private lessons, music, tennis coaches, etc. Investigate. You should find something. - Dec 2018

You have to manage expectations - soccer is huge, so yes, there are soccer programs and swim programs. Private lessons can be arranged for everything else. - Aug 2015

Yes - lots, but often in Serbian. Ballet, tennis, soccer, swim lessons. - Aug 2015

There are several sports programs available through the schools. There are also horseback riding lessons, swimming lessons, dance lessons, etc. available locally. - Aug 2014

I think most kids get involved through their schools, but I have heard of soccer camps, overnight camps in the summer for horseback riding and soccer etc, there is a hippodrome where I think people can take riding lessons, and there are tennis courts and basketball courts that fill up quickly. - Aug 2013

Via school. If child is also very eager, you can do soccer clubs and tennis clubs in the community. - Apr 2012

Yes, but there aren't easy to discover. It's easiest to use whatever the your school offers. There isn't any outside sport programs that I came across that caters to the International community. - Jul 2011

It can be hard to find your way into the various sports clubs without a connection, but the International School of Belgrade has a thorough Sports program available for students. - Nov 2010

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