What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Find a local favorite bar and coffee shop and make friends with the staff there. Cycling has really increased in the last few years, and biking along the riverbanks is great fun. There's a beach at a man-made lake within the city limits that's great to hang out at in the summer. Wander the neighborhoods. Belgrade is a fantastic city for wandering. Tour the wineries around the country and visit the eco-hotels. - Sep 2015

I don't know where to start really. There is so much to do. Just take off and explore! - Aug 2015

Belgrade has a ton of "escape rooms" that are fun and really affordable. Ada Ciganlija, the manmade lake/island/park complex in the middle of Belgrade is a great escape year-round. In Serbia, great road trips include the mountains of Western Serbia, the Danube River and Iron Gates gorge along the Romania border, monastery-visiting, wineries, and Lake Palic and Subotica near the border with Hungary. Lots of other travel in the region. - Aug 2015

Visit the local green markets, stroll down the main walking street to Kalemegdan fortress, take day trips to Novi Sad and Subotica (try some wine from the Subotica region), visit a farm-restaurant in the countryside, check out Belgrade's eclectic cafe and restaurant scene. There are many interesting/fun things to do! - Aug 2014

Going to the green markets, dining out, visiting the parks, enjoying a day at Ada (a five mile stretch of park on water lined with restaurants and with a path for walkers, runners, rollerbladers, and bikers), walking through kalamegdan fortress (and enjoying a meal at its Terasa restaurant or a trip to its adjoining zoo), day trips to salas for a country lunch, day trips to vineyards, skiing in Kopaonik, visiting pretty little villages and their festivals (there are annual beer, bacon, bean soup, wine, hay festivals throughout Serbia!) - Aug 2013

Skiing in Kopaonik or Slovenia. Shopping/sightseeing in Budapest, Vienna or Rome. What else can I say? - Apr 2012

City life is easy. Budapest is about a 4-hour drive away and great place to shop. There are interesting things to do in the country, but difficult to find literature on how to get there, when things are open. You will have to do your own research and wing many trips. - Nov 2011

I liked the lake, and there are two nice shopping malls. After a day of touring the city, you've seen the sights. - Jul 2011

Going out for drinks is one of the few things to do besides admire historical relics. Wineries and Bee-keeping can be fun to check out in the surrounding country-side. - Nov 2010

This is tough - the culture here isn't about events/stuff, but hanging with friends and drinking coffee/beer. However, periodically they have things like the Exit Festival, Beerfest, etc. And some top names have had concerts here in recent years. - Jun 2010

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