Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

No. - Sep 2019

Not that I know of. - Jan 2019

We never had any. - Dec 2018

In the suburbs there are mosquitoes in the spring/summer. I never saw any in the city. - Sep 2015

Some mosquitoes in the summer and ticks. However, the city fumigates 2-3 times during the summer and it actually works. I would say this was nothing compared to the mosquito situation at our current post. Another nuisance are bees in the summer. We all got stung and found out the hard way that we are not allergic to bee stings! - Aug 2015

Mosquitoes in the summer, especially if it's been rainy. Bees are bad in the summer. - Aug 2015

Nothing unusual. The mosquitos can be pesky at times but the city does spray for them. - Aug 2014

Nothing out of the norm. We've really had no problems whatsoever in our home with ants, roaches etc. Ticks would be our biggest complaint and we have found them on our dog (who we treat monthly) and our toddler (this has been a bigger concern as there is Lyme disease here). - Aug 2013

Nothing unusual in type or amounts. - Apr 2012

None, mosquitoes can be bad in the summer. - Nov 2011

Ants and spiders, I used the can spray and it kept the insects under control. - Jul 2011

None - Nov 2010

I never had any problem other than seeing a couple of cockroaches, which my landlord promptly killed with about 50 gallons of insecticide. - Jun 2010

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