Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Winters can be rough with the air quality. Medical care was standard. You are sent outside Serbia for serious conditions and delivery if pregnant. - Sep 2019

We used Belmedic, which is affiliated with a lot of insurance companies. Excellent care. - Jan 2019

Most expats we knew used Belmedic, where most doctors speak English. It is expensive, but they give good care, are readily available. We were happy, overall, with all their services, during our five years there. - Dec 2018

Medical care is fairly good. Dentists are very good and cheap. - Sep 2015

No major health concerns. Quality medical care is available. Many private clinics offer very good care. Good dentists as well. - Aug 2015

Doctors are well-educated but the facilities and equipment is not up to U.S. standards, and I have heard a number of stories of people being mis-diagnosed. Embassy personnel tend to med-evac for all surgeries, although some people have had appendectomies here. Dental care is good and affordable. - Aug 2015

The quality of healthcare varies - some providers and facilities are very good, others are not. It also depends on the issue. Major health issues typically result in Medevac. - Aug 2014

Fine-good, but if you need to be medevac'd you'll go to London. Well trained doctors, but sometimes public facilities are lacking due to funding. - Aug 2013

Overall decent local health care, but you need to know where to go. - Apr 2012

Fair medial care. I wouldn't get surgery. - Nov 2011

General medical care seems ok, although the hospitals are not up to standard. I think there are some options for specialists, but they weren't well known or advertised. There are Pharmacy's on every corner, you can get most medicines without a prescription. - Jul 2011

Good medical with no health concerns. - Nov 2010

You have to find a private clinic. DO NOT use the public health system here. For major stuff, everyone flies out to Vienna or Munich. - Jun 2010

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