What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Typical professional dress code at the embassy, in public anything goes. - Sep 2019

Usual formal. - Jan 2019

Suit and tie for men. Normal work attire for women. - Dec 2018

People dress very casually outside of work. Men steer towards sweatpants much of the time. Women tend to be dressier. At the embassy it's business/business casual depending on your section. I wore jeans, shorts, tees, tanks and sweaters on weekends. - Sep 2015

Semi casual in public. Business attire at the Embassy. - Aug 2015

Very casual for men. Women tend to dress up more. Business suits at the U.S. Embassy. Anyone can wear shorts and sneakers without standing out. - Aug 2015

Usually business casual, but some events require business formal attire. - Aug 2014

Formal...similar to the U.S. - Aug 2013

Business casual to business formal. - Apr 2012

Business casual to Business. - Nov 2011

You can wear what you would wear in the U.S. Purchasing clothing here is expensive. - Jul 2011

No tie, plantinum jeans, suit jacket over a wide-collared Euro-trash dress shirt unbuttoned to mid0chest, black leather dress shoes. - Nov 2010

Business casual at work. In public anything goes (and I mean anything). - Jun 2010

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