What types of jobs do most expatriate spouses/partners have? Locally based or telecommuting? Full-time or part-time? Can you comment on local salary scales?

I worked my e-commerce job from the US there with mission permission, there are plenty of employment opportunities at the Embassy. I'm not sure about local pay scales. - Sep 2019

Difficult for spouses to get jobs. There is high unemployment in Serbia, and wages are low. - Dec 2018

That depends on your skills, experience, etc. but it isn't easy. Some embassy jobs are available. - Sep 2015

Not on the local economy. There are opportunities for spouses at the Embassy. - Aug 2015

Not really. There is high unemployment in Serbia, and many more well-educated Serbians that speak English than expats who speak Serbian well enough to work here. There are a handful of jobs at the international schools, and some call-center jobs for people with other languages, but they don't pay well. - Aug 2015

Finding work on the local economy can be quite difficult as the unemployment rate is very high, the local population is highly education and qualified, and almost all jobs require that you speak Serbian. - Aug 2014

Unemployment is pretty bad here so you'll be hard pressed to find a job as you'd be competing against very talented multilingual Serbs, but if you are attached to the mission there are some EFM jobs. Right now not enough to meet demand though. - Aug 2013

Not much, mostly embassy-related or volunteer. - Apr 2012

I didn't know anyone who was working or actively looking for work on the local economy. There are a lot of local people who are unemployed/underemployed. - Jul 2011

No. - Nov 2010

Come with a job - you'll have a hard time finding one here. - Jun 2010

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