What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Medium. Morale was good. - Sep 2019

Generally good morale. - Jan 2019

I think the morale is good. Belgrade is great city. Lots to do. And Serbia is a beautiful country. Men can be a bit macho. Their driving is terrible. They don't believe in rules, nor care for them. Otherwise, they are a warm people who love to sing and drink rakja, and eat. - Dec 2018

There is a very large international community. The morale in the embassy was pretty great - everyone loved living in Belgrade. - Sep 2015

High and staying that way. The Embassy runs very well. Life is good there. - Aug 2015

The U.S. embassy community is medium-sized - small enough to know pretty much everyone after a few months here. Other embassies are pretty small - the Canadians run a club, and there's a large expat group that organizes events and quiz nights. A lot of Serbians were educated abroad and have come back and there are a lot of mixed marriages. Morale is generally very good. - Aug 2015

Medium-sized expat community, many Europeans. Morale is good, and there are several ways to engage with other expats in the city (International Women's Club, Internations, Foreign Visitors' Club, etc). - Aug 2014

It's a good size and very good morale! - Aug 2013

Medium, mostly American or European. - Apr 2012

Medium. - Nov 2011

Large enough - Jul 2011

Tiny. - Nov 2010

Not big. - Jun 2010

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